Friday, December 6, 2013

Five Tech Things on a Friday v.6

  • Passwords can really be a pain, right?  It's tough to remember all the passwords for all of the things you need to login to.  It's annoying to have to think of creative, strong passwords that include letters, numbers, and special characters.  That being said, when passwords get stolen, you'll be glad you took the time to do it.  Recently, cyber experts uncovered 2 million stolen passwords to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google.  Scary, right?  What's even scarier is that when the passwords were analyzed, the most common password in the group was "123456"!  Yikes.  So, how do we keep track of the dozens of complicated password and avoid using "password" as our password?  Well, there's an app for that.  Quite a few apps actually.  If you have trouble keeping all of your passwords stored safely in your brain, one of these apps might be for you!
  • Infographics are all over the place these days.  We seem to have gone infographic crazy!  Here's an infographic on why our brains crave infographics.
  • Keeping kids safe on the internet is a concern for most parents, but we also need to be aware of keeping kids safe while they are using apps.  Many apps, even those designed for very young children, collect data on the person using them.  Check out this great interview about KNOW What's Inside, a partnership program that helps app developers take kids' privacy seriously.
  • An email from a UC Berkeley professor to his students went viral.  Interesting to think about how quickly information that we put out can get to audiences we never even knew might be watching.
  • Finally, here's a great tutorial on setting up your Google+ profile:

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