Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Tech Things on a Friday v.5

Welcome to another edition of Five Tech Things on a Friday!

  • Common Sense Media has published an excellent report called Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America 2013.  The report talks in depth on how much time young children are spending using media, the impact of the digital divide, and what types of media young children are using.  To go along with this report, the American Academy of Pediatrics has released new recommendations regarding young children and media use.  I could talk for days about my thoughts on media use and young children, but I think I'll save that for a separate post!
  • Is digital literacy the new digital divide?  Ryan Holiday seems to think so.  "I’m wondering if the new digital not about access but about people who have the time, energy and skills to develop new media literacy and those who don’t."  Without even mentioning education, I think that Holiday is hitting on something crucial.  We need to teach our students not just how to use media, but how to curate it.  We need to be teaching digital literacy.
  • Increasingly in education, and especially for those of us who feel strongly about the use of technology in education, we talk about the way that we deliver instruction.  Specifically, we talk about "lecture" and frequently speak to it's evils.  Here are two articles with differing view points on the topic of lecture.  Lectures Didn't Work in 1350 - And They Still Don't Work Today and Don't Give Up on the Lecture.  I found both articles made some great points.  What are your thoughts on the lecture model of teaching?
  • Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect movie clip to illustrate a point?  I certainly have, so I was really excited when a friend showed me Wing Clips.  This site features hundreds of clips that you can search for by movie title, category, or by theme.  Need a movie clip that illustrates listening?  Wing Clips will pull them right up for you!
  • You've heard about BatKid, right?  He was all the rage last Friday on just about every social media platform.  His story and amazing adventure brought tears to my eyes, and it was great to be able to "experience" him saving Gotham through the power of social media.

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