Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Tech Things on a Friday v.3

Welcome to another edition of Five Tech Things on a Friday.  In case you only visit when I send out the link, I wanted to make sure you knew that I do write other posts here.  You can subscribe to these posts using a feed reader or via email.  Just check out the sidebar on the right.

And now for this week's Five Tech Things on a Friday:

  • Up first this week is a story about the oldest selfie!  There are a couple of cool photos from the 1900s.  I think it's fascinating to see how far we've come.
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning posted about the 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Teacher Should Have.  This great list includes skills such as using infographics, engaging with other professionals via social media, and using digital tools for time management purposes.  The best part is that along with each of these skills are links to get you started.  Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to learn and incorporate 33 different ideas at once, though.  Start with one, and when you've got that skill down, add another.
  • Coding can sound like this intense and scary thing.  I know that, while I've dabbled a bit with some html and css, I certainly don't have the skills to code...but it's becoming more and more obvious that coding is a very learnable and very marketable skill.  Check out this 12-year-old who taught himself to code using Codecademy and went on to develop 5 apps.  If he can do it, so can we!
  • Speaking of coding, here are 6 Tips to Get Your Kids Excited About Coding.
  • Finally, I love this video on Writing in the Digital Age:


  1. I LOVE coding! My 3-year old is also a fan. We use these apps for beginners: Move the Turtle, Daisy the Dinosaur, and Cargo-Bot. My son loves them, and so do the 4 and 6-year old kids I tutor. Does anyone remember "Logo", that turtle coding game we played on IBMs back in the 90s?

    1. I loved Logo! Nowadays, there is a language for kids from MIT called "Scratch," and one from Carnegie Mellon called "Alice."